Lawyers and notaries

Qualified support and assistance are indispensable for a successful, profitable, and, most importantly, safe business abroad. The company provideslegal services abroad in such areas as:

  • Setting up and registration of business— from the choice of organizational form to opening of bank accounts and going through the procedure of registration with the regulatory bodies on the owner's behalf. Any country on any continent is suitable for doing business. Notary services abroad are in particularly high demand when setting up a company in tax-free countries or countries offering significant tax benefits.
  • Registration of bank accounts in other countries,including the due diligence procedure. Clients can order management and representation assistance services.
  • Support for business, including support in management, tax, legal, organizational, and other matters.
  • Finding, renting, and buying real estate,including retail and warehouse space, hotel and production facilities, residential and commercial property.
  • Assistance in obtaining and applying for credit facilities for doing business abroad.
  • Assistance in getting a residence permit, permanent residency and other statuses in Europe.
  • Carrying out business abroad.
  • Legal support of transactions,including international transactions.
  • Handling of economic, administrative and civil matters.
  • Legal representation in court, during preliminary investigation andpre-investigation inquiry.

Legal and notarial support of business — comprehensive protection of clients' interests.